In Between

She slid the key card in the door. The lock clicked and her clit jumped at the excitement of what was on the other side of that door. She opened the door and there they stood. Twin towers of unimaginable ecstasy. She’d met the twin brothers at a masquerade ball. She had been immediately attracted to both men. The problem was that she couldn’t choose. So she fucked both of them. Now they stood in front of her each over six feet tall looking like a caramel Michelangelo sculpture. With bigger dicks of course. A total of twenty inches of tasty dicks between the two of them. Javier and Carlos, her secret addictions.
“Ok you know the drill” she said refocusing. “Drop your pants that’s the only way I can tell you apart.”
She knew it was a lie and they knew it too. They dropped them anyway. The sooner the better.
“We missed you,” they said in unison after stepping out of their pants.
She loved the way they did just about everything in unison. It was true what double mint said about double your pleasure and double your fun. They walked over to her. They positioned themselves, with one in front and one behind her.

“I missed you too,” she really did miss them. She had grown addicted to the taboo of having sex with two men at once. There was something different about Javier and Carlos. It had to be the twin connection that made her interludes with them out of this world. The twin in front, Javier kissed her deeply as the Carlos, behind her put his finger in her ass. Javier began to trail kisses down slowly down her body. Carlos played with her nipples from behind. She moaned as Javier made his way to her clitoris. His tongue slowly circled the sensitive bud. She grabbed his head pressing it closer to her pussy. Damn, they had the twin thing in sync she thought briefly. When Carlos stuck his dick in her ass all thoughts disintegrated. In their place only greedy need for the decadent sensations. Sex with them was always like doing an erotic dance. In perfect sync with two men instead of one. Carlos, abruptly turned her toward him.

“I want to lick your sweet pussy too,” he kissed her gently. “Can I please?”
How could she say no?

“Of course Love,” she gently pushed his head down to her already slick pussy.

He kissed her pussy and stuck his tongue….. She lifted her leg and put it on his shoulder as he stuck a finger in her vagina. He started sucking her clit while Javier pumped finger in and out of her ass. The sensation of four hands and two bodies pleasing her was almost too much. When Javier replaced his fingers, sliding dick into her ass, she was done. She felt the beginning of an orgasm. Both men had been with her long enough to know when her body was climaxing. They Carlos began to pump his fingers in and out of pussy. Javier put the fingers of his free hand in mouth to wet them. Then reached to the front and started touching her sensitive nipples. That did it. She rode back and forth. Carlos’ face and Javier’s dick as wave after wave hit her. Her pussy contractions were so strong that Carlos moaned because her pussy had grip on his dick and wouldn’t let go. The waves slowed down, her breathing returned to normal. She felt herself being lifted and covered with kisses. They gently laid her down on the bed. Carlos positioned himself to the left and Javier on her right side. Carlos, kissed her deeply giving her a taste of herself. Javier licked a trailed down her spine. She shivered from tingle his tongue sent down her spine.
“Do you want me?” he asked.

“Do you want me too?” Javier whisped in her ear.
She turned on her back looking at both men. She knew that she should be shame. Some would say she was sick or just a hoe. Right now she didn’t give a fuck about what anyone said. All she cared about at the moment all she cared about was being fucked and sucked to death by the two men lying on each side.

“I want both of you,” she said.

“How do you want it?” they asked in unison.
“You know how I want it,” she said.
Again the moved together to position her between them. She ended up on her knees in the bed. Javier behind her spread her legs, while Carlos positioned himself in front her. Javier entered her pussy from behind while stimulating her clitoris. She opened her mouth wide to accept Carlos’ dick. The pleasure was almost too much. It was like eating too much chocolate. You know you should stop but it taste too good to stop. She couldn’t stop taking Carlos’ dick into her mouth until his dick was touching the back of her throat. She couldn’t stop Javier from pumping in and out of her while his finger rubbed her slick clit. She couldn’t and wouldn’t stop. The only sounds in the room were moans, sounds of her mouth as she went down on Carlos, the sounds of Javier working her wet pussy. The sounds and sensations were working pushing her over the edge. She could feel an orgasm coming on.

“Cum for us baby,” Javier slapped her ass. He sped up pumping in and out. At the same time Carlos started fucking her mouth going deeper enoying the gagging sounds she made. She felt the beginning of the orgasm. If her mouth wasn’t full of dick, she would have screamed. It was so good she could feel her eyes roll into the back of her head. When the first wave hit she frozed for a second and so did the twins. Then they came back to reality and fucked like wild beasts as wave after wave hit. She felt Javier lift her off the bed pumping wildly. At the same time the change of position angled so that her face was down. Carlos grabbed her by the hair and pumped in and out of her mouth. Sure enough they came at the same time. Carlos pulled out of her mouth the warm cum began to spill from his dick. She licked it off of the tip and shaft. At the same time she could feel Javier cum in her pussy. He took his still hard dick out and stuck it in her ass. He was pumping in and out of her ass so hard she knew she was going to be sore later on. She didn’t give a fuck. She sucked Carlos’ waiting dick into her mouth. She was sucking his dick like she was trying to suck all of the cum he had in his dick out. She moaned as she felt another orgasm coming on. Javier kept pounding in and out of her ass. Both men let out gutteral moans at the same time. Carlos’ shivered as warm cum shot into her mouth. She greedily swallowed. Javier pulled out spewing hot cum all over her ass.

Spent all three fell on the king size bed. She’d always secretly wanted to experience two men at the same time. Not some old x-rated gang bang. This was exactly what she wanted. An erotic interlude with two excellent attentive lovers. She sighed knowing she would have to leave. But for now she was content to be here in between them.

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