Sex Packets

Sex Packets is a song by early 90s rap group Digital Underground. The group included the late Tupac Shakur. The group’s music included party, sexual lyrics for the most part. Being the repressed undercover sexual deviant I was the title track was one of my favorites. Not only did they sample one of my favorite artists, Prince(more about that in another post), but the song spoke of sexual freedom to do whatever through a pill. Let’s take a look at the fictional pill and the what ifs, shall we……

Ecstasy, was a little know drug at the time, but it’s the only pill that I can think of that comes close to sex packets. Ecstasy requires actual physical interaction and risky sexual behavior. In the song, the fictional pill promises total sexual satisfaction “wrapped in a little piece of paper”. The only limits I see is that sex packets are geared toward heterosexuals only, “a girl for a guy or guy for a girl”. Honestly, it’s your fantasy so it should be easy for the user to create what they desire.

It seems that even though Sex packets are a safer alternative to sex, they would still be illegal because they’re mixed and sold by the “packet man”. The hallucinogenic is worth it because the “packet” sexual partner will never reject or judge you. There is no risk of sexual transmitted infections, rape or actual physical infidelity. You have the ability to build your own world and do and be anything you want. Just imagine the possibilities….every erotic fantasy fulfilled. I suppose there would be the possibility of addiction. Users may become addicted to the packet reality and want to stay in a constant of state “uncontested ecstasy”. Actual relationships and families could be ruined by this addiction.

Alas there are always downsides to every great idea. The pill that could start out as a cure for risky unsafe sexual behaviors would probably be the final snap of the already fragile thread of what passes for reality today. But still just suppose sex packets really existed. Imagine if a pill could satisfy all five senses smell, taste, touch, sight, and feeling of sex. Hmmm, I think this galaxy needs to be further explored. Stay tuned….

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