Like A Virgin

I have a confession. I’m a virgin. I’ve had sex before, but I’ve never had anal sex. Yes, I’ve never taken it up the ass. The back door has never been opened. No one has broken the ass hymen. The bussy is still in tact. So I’m what I like to call an ass virgin.

In my earlier sexual experiences, anal sex never came up. It was seen as a little taboo in my neighborhood. Sure there were times when a stray dick slipped out of my pussy and hit my asshole. I would push the guy off of me with all the force that my 100 pounds could. Which was surprisingly strong. Even if he wanted to try the back door he knew it wasn’t happening.

Fast forward to my marriage. No one else had opened the back door so I figured my husband would have the honor. After seven years of marriage, I was the one to bring up anal sex. Our sex life and marriage was running on fumes. I thought this would be a special gift to bring us closer. He said he’d done it with past sexual partners. So I felt comfortable that it would be ok. I wanted to be a little prepared, so I went out and bought lube. The one thing I didn’t do was an enema. Turns out I didn’t have to. It was a bust. No matter how much lube we used penis just would not go in. I was comfortable even sexually aroused and very ready. I tried guiding his penis in, but evidently I have the tightest ass hole in the world. After trying a few more times, he just ended up rubbing his dick between my ass cheeks and fingering me until we or he came. My memory is fuzzy from disappointment

After that, my husband became even more suspicious of me. I don’t know if it was his failure to follow through the act or if he was secretly cheating on me. He always had this thing where he would get upset and start asking me about my past relationships and what I’d done with them sexually. You know what, I’m skipping past this….

Fast forward again. I’ve separated from my husband. I’d been celibate months before we even separated. Another story…So I met someone new. I wasn’t looking for a relationship. I was just looking for a friend. There I was jumping back into the dating pool He was just someone to get my pussy, I mean feet wet. So we had sex. While we were having sex, all of a sudden I feel another sensation. It was pain mixed with pleasure. He had stuck his finger in my ass. It was the first time that anything had entered my ass. It had always been a one way street. But the sensation, it was erotic. Sure it was a little painful, but the pleasure, and even a little taboo sent me over the edge. Is it possible to have a vaginal and anal orgasm? Alas, I decided not to carry the fuck buddy relationship anything further with my friend.

In order to keep this from being a two part, in going to make another confession. I’m also fellatio virgin. Ok I’ve perform oral sex but I never let any of my past partners come in my mouth and I never swallowed. At least I don’t think I did. Let’s just say while I was sober I didn’t. There were some binge drinking, black outs in college that I may not want to recall. So since I’d never done it, I figured this would be another gift to my husband. Well, yet again it never happened. He’d always pull out. So finally I asked him why. He said he could never do that to me. I’m not the bitter type so I won’t talk about that anymore…..

So now you know I’m basically a 40 year old virgin. Anal sex and oral sex with happy endings is something that I very much want to experience. I just need to find someone willing to take my virginity;-0

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